Hope- Psalm 119:114


Hope- Psalm 119:114

Combining traditional techniques as well as incorporating, vintage papers, typography and collage with this encouraging scripture of hope and trust to nourish the soul.

Scripture in this painting reads:   "You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word."   Psalm 119:114

Mixed media artist Judi Bagnato finds a quiet balance between expressive organic forms and abstraction,  combining intricate textures, collage elements and expressive brushwork to create a timeless yet contemporary look. Artist Judi Bagnato's artwork can be found in collections throughout the country as well as internationally - in homes, corporations and through her extensive work with interior design firms. Now she turns her attention to creating contemporary mixed media paintings that will not only complement any decor, but can serve as a reminder to God's presence in your life.

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